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The information center of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ehime
Pref. sends out information on the new products and technologies inside
the Prefecture.  In addition, it is linked with the home page of
enterprises already sending out information.

Information on Enterprises (information on  enterprises sending out
information by II-NET)


Our work is support independent lifestyles for the elderly , through the
supplying of nursing goods.
Iura Co.,Ltd.

Beam Metrical Industry
Uzushio Electric Co., Ltd.

We are creators with the challenger's heart.
Miki Tokushu Paper Mfg.Co.,Ltd. / Ito Co.,Ltd.

Not everyone can produce tasty sake.Tasty sake is made when all the right
conditions are combined.
Umenishiki Yamakawa Co.,Ltd.

We support your home-making
Kondo Kaikan Co.,Ltd.
Non-polluting, low-cost paint materials which are algae-proof and 
corrosion-proof, keeping harmony with the nature.
Sunamiya Co., Ltd.

Using aluminum,we aim at becoming an overall aluminum ware manufacturer
Daiya Alumi Co.

Worker-friendly specially designed for workers' safety
Toyo Co., Ltd.

Toyo Eizai Co., Ltd.

Conservation Automation which are the themes of HIKARI FA operations
reaches out to all areas and fields.
Hikari Co.,Ltd.

Fresh and tasty (boiled fish paste) -Hassui Kamaboko-
Hassui Kamaboko Co.

Delicious & Healthy Food For Your Body
Masunaga Food & Co., LTD.

Fujiwara Chemical Co., LTD.

Young engineering group filled with creativity
Youth Engineering Co.,Ltd.

It's a new supplement.You will find it much easy,no more flavor,
when you take "ENSEKI AOJIRU" as tablets.
Enseki Aojiru Co., Ltd.

Enterprises related to software development

Iyo Engineering with map information systems, that "does something
which cannot be imitated by others" Iyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Iyo Engineering Co., Ltd.

Personal Computer & network & software by A.B.M.Co., Ltd.
A.B.M.Co., Ltd.

Rescue team for personal computers (anything is OK about computer
Orange System Co., Ltd.

What I'm desperately seeking is unskillful creation
Yui System Studio Co., Ltd.

Wholesale and Retail Enterprises

Developing with paper, and contributing to the society through paper
Kami Shoji Co., Ltd.


From Imabari, the No.1 towel manufacturer in Japan
Shikoku Towel Industrial Association Youth Devision