It is the innovation
           of the pot....

Suggested Retail price 15,000 yen Size:26 cm (with Sieve)

The inside will not overflow. However, it is just not overflow!

Boil, Steam, and Stew can be this much fun!!


It Rarely Overflows, Because Of The Unique Shape Of The Nabe. Durable And Money-Worth Thick Aluminum Cast Cooling Pot With Better Heat Conduction.
From the bottom surface facing up, it is slightly curved and the rim part has a layer. Thus, making the fluids inside of the Nabe to circulate well as it prevents things from overflowing. As a characteristic of the thick bottom High-quality Aluminum Cast, the equal heat conductivity offers you the economical heat expense. Also, no partial heating will avoid the deformation of the shape, so it lasts long.
It Also Can Be Used As The Steamer From Its Convenient Structure. Anti-Corrosion Aluminum Alloy And Gold Almite Finish Keeps The Beauty.
As the drawing on Right, if you use the attached reinforced glass lid and sieve, the product can also be the Steamer by its design. So, it will offer you the multiple-use. Of course, you may also can use this product as the regular pot. We applied the excellent Gold Almite Finish to the Superior High-quality Anti-corrosion Aluminum Alloy, so it is very diffecult to be get scratched.

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