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Information on Set Up of New Businesses
In Ehime, the expansion of expressways south of Matsuyama City is 
smoothly underway, and the Imabari-Onomichi route of the Seto Ohashi 
Bridge is expected to be completed and opened by the end of the century. 
In April of 1995, regular international flights between Matsuyama and 
Seoul were also started and regular international cargo transport from 
Matsuyama Port continues to increase, making the transportation 
network even more convenient. Considering such progress, the 
construction of the Ehime Human Technopolis, the core of prefectural 
development through technology, and the nurturing of businesses to 
trigger district development are also areas in which Ehime has been 
making great efforts. In addition, a new plan for a super-techno-zone 
has been conceptualized, and the strengthening of information networks 
and research development are also in progress. We hope that this site 
will serve as reference and contribute in the development of new 
business for you.
Assistance Program for Setting Up Businesses
Ehime has an assistance program for businesses starting anew in the 
prefecture. Below is an introduction of some of the assistance measures 
made available by Ehime Prefecture.

○Introduction of Industrial Districts of Ehime
An introduction of the major industrial districts of Ehime
  Touyo Industrial Park
  Other Major Industrial Areas

For inquiries regarding business set-up, please contact:
Industrial Promotion Division, Economy and Labor Affairs 
Department, Ehime Prefectural Government
Telephone Number: 81-89-941-2111