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◇Iyo-Mizuhiki Adds a Touch of Elegance to Japanese Ceremonial Manners

Mizuhiki, a lovely decoration craft that connects the hearts of the presenter and receiver, has been handed down through the ages as a tradition of elegance and has become deep-rooted in the lifestyle of the Japanese. Approximately 70 percent of all traditional-style of money envelopes with mizuhiki decoration. These traditional envelopes are used to give money as gifts for various occasions such as to congratulate or show condolence, to give on recovery from illness or as a farewell gift and are used as an integral part of daily life in Japan produced in Ehime. This makes Ehime one of the leading producers of mizuhiki along with Iida region in Nagano Prefecture. Apart from being used for decorating money envelopes, mizuhiki is also used in art crafts and deluxe betrothal gifts, and is increasing in quality and variety year by year.