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Ehime, formerly known as Iyo and celebrated in Japan's oldest 
poetry collection, the 'Manyoshu', as the land of blessed isles 
and mountains, enjoys bountiful and fresh natural resources 
from the sea and mountains. This combined with the skills 
developed over the years, has created various specialty local 
products. The top producer of mandarin oranges in Japan, Ehime's 
other local specialties include pearl craft, paper products, 
kasuri (cotton ikat cloth), pottery and other local products 
nurtured by the climate and history of the prefecture, which have 
become an integral part of the lives of people living in the various 
districts famous for such products.

An introduction of the rich flavors and 
superb crafts of Ehime's main local specialties.

 Pearl Craft
 Tobe Pottery
 Pom Juice (Orange Juice)
 Taruto (Local Confectionery)
 Iyo-Kasuri (Cotton Ikat Cloth)
 Iyo-Mizuhiki (Traditional Japanese Ceremonial Paper Cord)
 Ozu Paper (Handmade Paper)
 Sakurai Lacquer Ware

Commerce and Industry Outline
 Ikata Town
 Honai Town