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Ehime is located in the northwestern part of Shikoku, one of Japan's 
four main islands, which is surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea and the 
Pacific Ocean. Ehime stretches from northeast to southwest, bordering 
Kagawa and Tokushima Prefectures to the east and Kochi Prefecture 
to the south. To the north, across the Seto Inland Sea, is Hiroshima 
Prefecture and to the west it faces the island of Kyushu, across Seto 
Inland and Uwa Seas, thus has long been influenced by transport by sea.
  ・Location of Prefectural Government (Matsuyama): Latitude/ 33 
     degrees 50' N   Longitude/132 degrees 45'E
  ・Distance from Tokyo: 600 km.

◇Area & Population
With an area of 5,674 sq. km, Ehime is the second largest prefecture
in shikoku after Kochi. Ehime also has a population of approximately
1,510,000, the highest in shikoku.
Dividing the population by age groups, 15 and under consists of
approximately 280,000, the 15 to 64 age group, approximately 1,000,000,
and the 64 and over approximately 230,000. 
(Estimated population as of 1990)

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