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There are 11 items designated as Ehime's traditional specialty 
products. These are rich in local color, and are produced by 8 
different business categories. The production of such specialties 
aims at the reappraisal of traditional handicraft and folkcraft, 
and for the contribution to sound growth and development of the 
various industries, to enrich and add taste to the lives of the people 
of Ehime, as well as to contribute to the development of the local 

Mizuhiki (ceremonial paper cords)
Products Made With Mizuhiki

Kikuma Tiles

Iyo Bamboo Crafts

Kamaboko (fish paste cake) Products
Yawatahama Kamaboko/ Uwajima Kamaboko

Iyo-kasuri (cotton ikat cloth)

Sakurai Lacquer Ware

Tobe Pottery

Handmade Japanese Paper
Iyo Style/ Shuso Style/ Ozu Style

For inquiries, please contact: Management Research and Guidance Division,
Economic and Labor Affairs Department, Ehime Prefectural Government
Telephone Number : 81-89-941-2111