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Iyo Handmade Paper (Kawanoe City)
Shuso Handmade Paper (Touyo City)
Ozu Handmade Paper (Isozaki Town, Nomura Town)

The Three Styles of Handmade Japanese Paper 
Each Have a History of Their Own
The history of paper making in Ehime dates back to the Nara Era 
(710-794) and is mentioned in the historical book, 'Engi Bunken'. The Ozu 
style of paper making is the oldest, and during the Edo Era (1603-1867) 
it was regarded as paper of the highest quality. This durable, pure white 
and high quality handmade paper is still made by the unique layering 
method which has existed since ancient times. The Iyo style handmade 
paper, which is thought to have been made in the Uma region during the 
Edo Era, is presently being made in Kawanoe City and is well-known as 
a superior quality paper for Japanese calligraphy. Shuso style handmade 
paper, said to have started in the late Edo Era based on the skills of paper 
making brought in from Tosa, is still in active production, making up 90 
percent of all 'housho-shi' (high quality, fine textured handmade paper) 
and 'dan-shi' produced in Japan.