Ehime has the fifth longest coastline in Japan, measuring over 1,625 km. 
The prefecture stretches from northeast to southwest, with industry 
concentrated on the east coast. The center, including Matsuyama, serves 
as the political and economic base, with fruit cultivation and marine 
products industries concentrated in the south. In Japan, Ehime is the 
largest producer of citrus fruit, such as the mandarin orange, and is 
also a leading producer of pearls and fish. Ehime utilizes its 
environmental characteristics to give its industries a unique status.

Outline of IndustriesMap: Ehime's Industries

Outline of Industries

Representative Industries of Ehime: Manufacturing Industry      Food Produce      Towels      Paper Making      Chemicals & Synthetic Materials      Iron Works & Machine Manufacturing      Shipbuilding Wholesale & Retail Forestry & Agriculture      Mandarin Orange Cultivation Marine Products

Map: Ehime's Industries